Umbra from SolarFall Games

I love to see really cool projects using my 3d character software, Exocortex Species.  Check out this awesome trailer for Umbra, a really great looking hack ‘n slash game to be featured at GDC 2015 ( Game Developer’s Conference )

I spoke with Patrick Miegeville,one of the main developers of this game a few months ago.  He was nice enough to let us know of this great project and the fact that they are using Species to help create content for the game, and we’re pleased as punch with the results!

The game features some great gameplay mechanics, innovative inventory and class options, and an open world setting with very eye-catching, interactive environments.  Fantastic looking game!  It really does look like something I’d want to play!

Here’s a link for more info about the game:

Danny and the Wild Bunch

Hi everyone!

You might have already heard about this elsewhere on the web, but I thought I’d make my own post about it!

Danny and the Wild Bunch is a short film Directed by Robert Rugan.  I started working on the VFX for it about two years ago, and it has recently finished making the rounds at various film festivals.  And what a time its had on the festival circuit!  Check out all these awards!

Winner “Best Short Film” – Las Vegas Film Festival
Winner “Best Animation” – Catalina Film Festival
Winner “Best Animation” – Asheville Film Festival
Winner “Honorable Mention” – LA Underground Film Festival

My contribution to the VFX was mainly modeling, rigging and texturing the CG characters.  With my character software Species, I was able to model all 8 characters and do most of the rigging in about a month. This project was great fun to work on.  Director Robert Rugan, while armed with a clear vision, gave us all a great deal of creative freedom with the VFX and we all worked together to make this project awesome. I’m so happy with how fantastic the final cut looks!

Big shout out to Dave Thomlison who did the facial rigging, the legs for the spider guys, and another shout out to Angel Negron, who I worked with very closely on texturing the characters, and who also shaded and rendered all the CG with Redshift.  And kudos to the animators, Frank Patterson, Dave Alonso, Laura Skowronski Nattam, Nick Martinelli and Eric Lampi!


Exocortex Species 1.6 Released!

Exocortex Species 1.6

Create Better Characters Even Faster

Species 1.6 is now available at

What is Species?

Exocortex Species simplifies the process of human character creation from designing your character’s unique attributes, integrating sculpting results, to rig creation, even animation. With Species, you will create higher quality animated characters faster and at a lower cost, while avoiding the generic look that often come when purchasing off-the-shelf models. Exocortex Species supports Autodesk Softimage 2010 through 2013 on both Windows and Linux. Floating and node locked licenses are available starting at $299.

Improvements in Species 1.6

1. Custom PropRig Import

A new preference that allows the user to define a directory to export and import customized PropRigs for repeated use. PropRigs within those folders are now listed in the Species > Build > Import Custom menu split into “Male” and “Female” sub-menus.

2. Plot Limb Anim Tool Feature

An addition to our AnimTools is the new Plot Limb command which allows you to plot and transfer motion between FK and IK for both arms and legs. This utilizes the MatchFKIK command and plots the motion during the active time range.

3. Improved  High Res Body Mesh topology and deformation

We’ve updated the body mesh for both male and female characters.  The new meshes are more detailed, fully quaded, and have more evenly distributed topology for better deformation and high end sculpting.

4. New Low Res and Proxy Body Meshes

A new quad based low res body mesh for faster interaction while animating (~40 FPS playback).

A new cube based proxy body mesh for super fast interaction while animating (~40-50 FPS playback).

5. New Body Shapes

Old and Young shapes for varying the age of your Species characters.

Top Heavy and Bottom Heavy shapes for adding mass to either the upper or lower half of your Species characters.

Chest expand and Chest contract shapes for inflating and deflating the chest of your Species characters.

6. Synoptics

Updated synoptics with new controls to switch mesh resolution and smoothing.

Individual control reset combos.  Press Ctrl+Shift+LMB on any synoptic control to reset, and Press Ctrl+Shift+MMB on a control to reset a whole branch.

7. ReplaceMesh command re-written

The ReplaceMesh command has been rewritten and expanded to now include the ability to replace the BodyLow and BodyProxy meshes if necessary.

8. Bug Fixes

AnimRig Vertebrae 02 and 03 deformers misaligned

Getting Species 1.6

If you are not yet using Exocortex Species, give it a try by downloading the trial from the  Exocortex Species product page.

For those already using Exocortex Species, you can download the 1.6 update directly from here.

Join the Species User Community

Get the most out of Exocortex Species by joining our user support and discussion mailing list, viewing our online documentation, and check out our many tutorial videos on our Vimeo group.

These are the best places to learn about Species and get the latest news directly from the developers.


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